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Chilika lake travel Guide
chilika lake travel Guide

What is Special about Chilika lake | Best time to visit Chilika lake

If you want to know more about the best time to visit chilika lake and its travel guide, this article is only for you. Welcome to the best Chilika lake travel guide. Chilika lake is the largest brackish water lake in Asia and in India, it is situated in Odisha. It is on two sides one is Satapada near puri and another is Rambha near Berhampore. It is 180 km from the capital city Bhubaneshwar.

Reading my blog , one will get to know what is special about Chilika Lake. Chilika lake is a birder’s paradise and so on this travel blog. I will take you to three places in Chilika lake from where we will explore this marvelous landscape of incredible India.

rajhans island sea beach


Rajhans Island 

largest lagoon in asia

chilika lake boating

A three-hour drive from the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneshwar took me to Satpada, which is a small village situated near the Sea mouth Of Chilika lake in Odisha.

Then in one and a half-hour boat drive, I reached a small island called Rajhans island where Odisha tourism has built beautiful Swiss Tents for tourist accommodation. Ecotourism Odisha has arranged some excellent tourist facilities in some major destinations in the state. Chilika lake is one of the primary destinations to visit Odisha tourism.

As we proceeded towards the boating point in Satpada near chilika lake, we crossed the rural countryside of the village covered with rice plantations on both sides. Besides such greenery, we saw marshy wetlands in the fields on either side of the road. Perhaps created by the backwaters of chilika lake and it’s a huge volume of water flowing back towards the village from the lake. Chilika lake travel guide covers the finest part of this brackish water lake which is Rajhans island.

Due to such phenomena, these wetlands have also become a natural habitat for numerous species of birds that are noticed while driving along the road to Satpada. Since it was late in the afternoon so I decided to explore this area on my return journey.

Strolling in the Island

On the way to the island enjoy the pristine water of the lake where the sightings of the Irrawaddy dolphins are also frequent. At the rear side of the resort, one can take a 5-minute walk to the sea beach through the casuarina forests.

In front of the tents, the large vacant space has been well equipped with volleyball and badminton courts, along with a small playground for the kids. The workers of the resort are also perfect guides to explore the island.

Worth to mention I enjoyed one of the best seafood in my life as the cooks of Odisha provided some delicious fishes and lobsters from the chilika lake. The kitchen offers delectable seafood for lunch, dinner, and breakfast which are in the booking amount for one tent.

The campus is perfect for any nature lover as one can watch the Irrawady dolphins which are frequently visible on the shores of the island.

The package when booking a single day stay on the island also includes a boat cruise to the sea mouth of the lake in the Bay of Bengal. Travelers seeking to watch the numerous migratory birds in chilika lake. Odisha can take the help of the local boatmen at an extra cost of Rs 1500 and sail for an extra 2 to 3 hours in the lake in early morning hours.



Things to do on the Island

Don’t forget to watch a memorable sunset on the shores of the nature camp with the fishing nets and the wooden boats capitulating the scenery. It was a perfect conclusion for the last day for this new year to provide me the same zeal to explore the world as a wanderer. I am grateful to Odisha tourism for inspiring me to increase my urge in exploring the versatile landscape in chilika lake.

Just a 5-minute walk from the Eco campsite of Rajhans island in Chilika lake, one may reach a pristine sea beach on the shores of Bay of Bengal. Owing to the tough accessibility to the beach due to its remote location on an island. This beach remains lonely, so travelers will find the golden sands very clean and devoid of any crowd.

This is a perfect place to watch the sunrise and sunset in chilika lake, providing an ideal moment for all photographers. One has to take entry tickets by showing government identity cards from the offices in Satpada. Well if one is booking accommodation in Rajhans island from Odisha Eco-tourism site then the entry ticket is already included.

sunset in rajhans island

rajhans nature camp

What a delight it is to encounter such mesmerizing experience with crystal blue water and numerous species of birds in the middle of the largest brackish water lake in Asia. Chilika Lake in Odisha is no doubt precisely documented by all the epic channels like Discovery and the National Geographic, but I think this place holds its significance every time in a new way for any bird watcher in any part of this planet.

Though there are many experts in the field of bird watchers none can replace the natural instincts of the local fishermen who also act as guides for the travelers coming here to see the birds.

The largest lagoon in Asia

The largest lagoon in Asia, also holds the rare Irrawady dolphins. You can easily see them all throughout the year,but november to february is the best time to visit chilika lake.. But in order to see the numerous migratory birds flying thousands of kilometers into this place, winter is the only time to study them and thus, it is the best time to visit Chilika Lake. I was lucky enough to spot different types of ducks like Common Shelduck, Indian spot-billed duck, Fulvous whistling duck, Lesser whistling duck, and different types of Seagulls and Cormorants.

While I was returning I was gifted for my patience as I was able to capture photographs of some rare species of birds. In fact, the sight was even more delightful for a birdwatcher as the flocks of birds were much near to me.

Marbled Godwits, Black-winged Stilt, Indian Egrets, Common Cormorants were the few species of birds that I was able to see in flocks in the marshy irrigation fields near Satpada. 

While in lake I had to be cautious as the sound of the boat made the birds fly away, but here the birds were freely feeding on the fishes and the algae in the ponds spread across the acres of fertile fields. I stopped my car and captured the best moments of the playful birds dancing on the water and enjoying their natural habitat.This is what is special about Chilika Lake.

migratory birds in chilika lake


Mangalajodi wetland tour- migratory birds in chilika lake travel guide

Oh, you love birds and want to have a close look at the feathered beauties? Then I must invite you to the chirping wetland of Mangalajodi, a place not too far from maddening crowds. The birding spot is located at a distance of about 70 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, or 50 km from Khurda Road station in South Eastern Railway.

Mangalajodi is a vast wetland, located in the Tangi block of Khordha district and is an extension of the northern end of the lake.

In the winter months, this marshy land becomes the abode of more than one lakh birds, mostly migratory in nature. It is the best Spot for Tourist to Capture the Beauty of Birds of Different Kinds. Moreover, their Beautiful Cheering Sounds All Around The Lake. Watching the different types of birds of Mangalajodi is really a very interesting thing to do. Read my article further to know more about the beautiful birds of Mangalajodi.

migratory birds in chilika lake
chilika lake travel Guide

Birds on the Island

In the earlier years, it was a popular spot for bird hunters. Sometimes in the winters, local boys used to kill migratory ducks as casual play. One gentleman Mr. Nandakishore Bhujabal, first created an organization named Wild Orissa. It became successful to change the minds of those particular boys who used to kill birds regularly.

Presently the same boys are the protectors and birding guides of the land. Sri Mahavir Pakshi Suraksha Samiti has since been created there for this purpose. As soon as you enter the area tall green grasses and chirping of birds of Mangalajodi will welcome you. So many Purple Swamphen or Grey-headed Swamphen sit on both sides of the road.

An about 45 cm size of a red-billed bird with purple-colored underparts and blackish wings with long and strong legs. Normally keeps on sitting on floating vegetation and fly steadily if gets threatened.

how to go to chilika lake

The next beauty of Mangalajodi wetland attracts your eyes are Black-winged Stilts. A beautiful looking, around 35 cm, slim and slender black and white bird. Moreover, it has exceptionally long red legs, red eyes, and black bill. Stays in groups. Importantly, the most interesting thing among them are dips the head entirely inside water for searching food.

A famous water and winter visitor of Mangalajodi, found there abundantly is Black-tailed Godwit. Around 35 cm in size and as the name suggests having a prominent black tail band with a white bar on the wings. It’s also a quarrelsome bird and remains busy infighting among themselves frequently.

Birds on the Island

The two most common cracks of the land are Ruddy-breasted and Baillon’s crakes. As the name suggests, Ruddy-breasted crake has Chestnut colored underparts and dark olive-brown wings. A very shy bird normally stays inside reeds and dense vegetation. About 22 cm in size.

The other one Baillon’s crake is a smaller size (18-19 cm) buff color bird with the pale green bill. It is a winter migrant from the Himalayas. Being secretive in habits stays inside reeds normally, comes out in search of food, and walks over the floating vegetation.

Out of the famous migratory birds of Mangalajodi in winter, Bar-headed goose, Ruddy Shelduck, Greylag goose, Northern Shovelers, Northern Pintails, Eurasian Wigeons, Garganey, etc are regular visitors. These birds travel a long way from China, Mongolia, Tibet, Myanmar, Siberia, etc each year in search of food. Moreover, they migrate to save from harsh colds and breeding.

Whereas Common coots, Cotton Pigamy Goose, Indian Spot-billed duck are the resident birds. All The Above Birds are Just Like Ducks in the Lake.

A small bird with blue half circles over the throat is another very beautiful bird of winter. The Blue Throat and is a winter visitor too. When so many small birds are congregated in one area Raptors can not be far. They just remain in search of such an association. Birds like Brahminy Kite, Osprey, and the fastest Peregrine Falcon reach the place timely. They feed on small birds and fishes. migratory birds of chilika lake
how to go to chilika lake
how to go to chilika lake
how to go to chilika lake

Trip to Chilika lake Rambha-boating and island tours in chilika lake 

sunrise in chilika lake


Chilika Lake Rambha is a beautiful lake in the Ganjam district of Odisha. Moreover, Chilika lake Odisha has mostly visited in winters .  Surely, the main attraction of this lake is the variety of migratory birds and this is what is special about Chilika Lake. You can be see them while Chilika lake boating in winters. Chilika is the largest brackish water lake in India.

Chilika lake is one of the best offbeat destinations in India. Moreover, it is one of the best 10 places to visit in Odisha. While doing Chilika Lake Rambha boating, the first destination is the breakfast island chilika lake. Chilika lake is one of the main tourist spots of Odisha tourism.

The main spots in this small village to explore is Panthanivas Chilika lake from. One can get a panoramic view of sunrise on chilika lake from here. Then while taking a speed boat one can visit four beautiful spots on the following islands. The names of these islands are.breakfast island, shiva temple, honeymoon island, picnic spot, and dinosaur park in the mountains on the lake.

The breakfast island and the honeymoon island are the highlights of this boat ride. So, the breakfast island is a small yellow-colored house in the middle of the lake built by the Britishers. Honeymoon island is a small mountainous island towards the southern end of the lake.

The surrounding eastern ghats and fishermen boats along with an adventurous speed boat ride make Rambha a must-visit one-day destination to explore the beauty of Chilika lake.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):-

What is special about Chilika lake?

Chilika lake is famous for migratory birds and irrawady dolphins. Also it has numerous islands to travel and watch beuatiful sunsets on the lake and sea mouth while doing boating in chilika lake.It is also the largest brackish water lake in Asia. It is also a ramsar site.

What is the best time to visit Chilika lake?

Best time to visit Chilika lake is during the winters from november to february when we get to see the numerous migratory birds.

Chilika lake is situated in which state of India?

Chilika lake is situated in Odisha India. It can be accessed through two places Rambha near berhampore and Satpada near Puri.

What is Chilika lake dolphins?

Chilika lake dolphins are river irrawady dolphins which can be seen all the year around while doing boating in Satapada.

Chilika lake boat ride cost?

The boat ride coat in Chilika lake is rs 1400 in indian currency.

Chilika lake is famous for?

Chilika lake is famous for irrawady dolphins and numeorus migratory birds.


breakfast island chilika lake

boating in rambha
otdc panthanivas rambha

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